Audit and Tune

Audit & Tune is a way for CMD to become familiar with a Client's environment. It provides a thorough overview of the environment and documents best practices including optimizations to be made for the PostgreSQL Environment. Should the Client decide that our recommendations are proper for their environment, CMD will happily make the documented changes during business hours at no extra charge. Pricing includes a single cluster/server.

What does our plan cover?

Verify Database Security

  • Network Security (OS)
  • HBA

Verify Application Interface

  • Connectivity
  • Network Connections
  • Long Running Queries
  • Idle Transactions
  • System Thrashing
  • Obvious Unsafe Behaviour

Optimize Hardware

  • Read Ahead
  • Network Performance

Verify Hardware

  • RAID Controller
  • BBU
  • RAID Level
  • Number of Spindles
  • IO Performance
  • CPU Utilization
  • CPU Bottlenecks

Optimize Operating System

  • Kernel Parameters
  • Scheduler (Linux)
  • Log Maintenance
  • Logging Configuration

Verify Operating System

  • CPU Architecture
  • OS Architecture
  • PostgreSQL Architecture
  • SCM (sysctl.conf)
  • File system

Optimize PostgreSQL

  • Caching
  • Planner
  • Maintenance
  • Writer Processes

Verify PostgreSQL

  • Version
  • Maintenance Regime
  • SCM (postgresql.conf/pg_hba.conf)
  • Backups
  • Resources

Pricing Options

The price for the audit and tune of a single machine is $1295.00 a month.