Hot Standby / Cold Standby / DRBD

Command Prompt offers an effective single cost package for configuring a basic Synchronous Replicated PostgreSQL (or Linux) installation.

Pricing Options

The price for the hot standby/DRBD setup with a single primary/secondary is $1495.00. 


  • Signed services agreement
  • Prepayment
  • The primary and secondary must have the same file structure layout for the replicated volume
  • You must be running a modern Linux system

What does our plan cover?

  • A basic configuration of a single primary / secondary DRBD system
  • A month of QL Standard Support at no additional cost ($350.00 value)
  • Support the DRBD install for a single month after initial installation at no cost to the client

What does our plan feature?

Hot Standby / DRBD has the following included in the plan:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Options
  • Hot Standby (without read slave/secondary)
  • Replication (without read slave/secondary)
  • Simple Failover (automated failover not included)
  • Open Source