Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated system that the only user will be you, giving you all the resources you need to run your business. Our hosting service, based in Portland, Oregon, will provide a dedicated, secure, and managed environment for companies and developers wishing to utilize a stable environment for their internet based applications and development.

When comparing web hosting providers, ask yourself some questions:

  • When was the last time that a root-kit check was performed on the system?
  • When was the last time the web server was actually updated or the database patched for security updates?
  • Does your provider perform live port scanning and fire-walling?
  • How do you access the server? Are you still using Telnet and FTP? (Both of these are generally considered insecure and outdated, by Internet security professionals.)
  • Do you have a guarantee that relevant security fixes will be applied within 24 business hours?

All hosting plans are subject to our Terms of Service.

What Our Managed Dedicated Hosting Provides

  • The Superuser, root is reserved for Command Prompt use. However, we insure--through proper configuration and permissions--that all customers are able to edit required files for their needs.
  • Weekly security and root kit checks.
  • Weekly environment integrity checks with reports to the customer of any required information.
  • Monitor the appropriate sources for updates to software that is on your system. If an update is available, and it is appropriate to install, we will install the software within 24 business hours. When an update occurs you receive a report of what software was updated, why the software was updated, and when it was updated.
  • Perform service level network monitoring, with notification to you and ourselves when there is a problem. This is vital for Web and/or Mail servers.