On Site

Command Prompt offers two types of consulting: Ad-Hoc and On-Site. If your needs extend to having a consultant on-site, we offer On Site PostgreSQL Consulting. On Site PostgreSQL Consulting is performed by knowledgeable staff who are all contributors to the PostgreSQL community. However, as On-Site consulting dedicates a Tier 3 consultant to the customer for that period of time, our pricing structure differs from our Ad-Hoc time and materials.

On-Site consulting is charged per day, and must be pre-paid. There are no partial-day rates, and all consulting is subject to our services agreement.

On-Site including Air Travel

Customer shall be charged a Full Flex round trip fair. Full Flex fairs are fully refundable allowing Customer flexibility in the case of an unscheduled cancellation of services.

Customer shall be charged for a single mid-size car for the entirety of the trip. Customer shall reimburse for any and all secondary charges in regards to the rental including taxes, insurance and gasoline.

Customer shall be charged for all reasonable meal fees.

Customer shall be charged for all lodging. Lodging will be acquired from a mid-tier business Hotel. Examples include, Embassy Suites, Hilton and other hotels catering to the business client.

On-Site Consulting Conditions

For the USA and Canada the Customer shall be charged $2500.00 per day that the Consultant is On Site. On Site charges are predetermined and non-refundable once the Consultant has left the office for the destination. For International Clients the Customer shall be charged $2500.00 per day including days traveling.