Performance Tuning

PostgreSQL is fast. Really fast. However, like any enterprise class software it needs to be configured correctly for optimum performance. You need to tune the database. You need to tune the operating system. You need to tune your hardware.

You need a vendor who can understand the environment you are working with. A vendor with expertise not only in tuning PostgreSQL but provisioning your hardware and tuning your operating system. A vendor who can help weed out the unncessary info and delve immediately into what will provide you with the best PostgreSQL performance solution. These solutions may include but are not limited to proper architectural design, horizontal partitioning, load balancing, replication or customized development.

As with any mature Professional Services firm, we can tailor our deliverables to your needs but we have also designed a few key packaged services specifically to the PostgreSQL user needs.

Maintenance Review

The number one killer of PostgreSQL performance outside of bad provisioning is lack of proper database maintenance. CMD has the expertise you need to customize a maintenance routine that is comprehensive and documented. Trust us, Autovacuum is not always enough.

Query/Function Tuning

The holy grail of any database is to have all your queries moving as efficiently as possible. This can also be the most tedious of tasks. Analyzing each query, reading explain plans, evaluating tuple costs, indexing strategies and normalization patterns.

The faster your database is able to deliver data to your clients, employees and partners, the more efficient your database is. We practice a thorough and methodical review of your queries, taking the slowest to the fastest and breaking each one down, finding missing indexes, bad plans, incorrect costs and rewriting or reconfiguring them to provide the optimimum delivery of data.


PostgreSQL partitioning can be a daunting. Considering the proper partitioning key, migrating data to inherited tables, proper triggers, eliminating downtime and of course testing, testing, testing. CMD has extensive partitioning experience, our process is simple, takes into your business requirements and is completely scripted, allowing for testing and simple deployment which includes estimations of potential downtime, off hours provisioning and any other business or technical requirements that may be present.

Audit and Tune

The initial audit is our standard investigation of an environment. We evaluate your PostgreSQL installation, your hardware, your operating system and provide specific and documented response to every recommendation we make. For specific infromation on what this service provides please see the Audit and Tune product page.

More Information

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.