Incident Packs

Incident packs are hourly blocks of time, discounted due to expiration and prepayment. If you have a small project or immediate need, they are a great way to get services almost immediately, with a minimum of overhead. Command Prompt, Inc. also offers by the hour consulting. A customer is not required to purchase an incident pack to receive consulting.


PostgreSQL and Linux Incident Packs

An Incident Pack is a great way to get immediate consulting or support at a discount without an annual commitment. Incident packs can be used for any professional service, consulting or support time. Incident Packs:

  • Requires Prepayment
  • 24x7 Response (for after hours, you will need to call the emergency number)
  • Immunity to emergency rates
  • Hourly rates still apply after pack exhaustion. You can purchase another pack and still receive the discount.
  • 100.00 - 400.00 Discount off standard rates
  • After 30 days from purchase, unused balance credit to Command Prompt, Inc.


Pricing Options

Our 4 hour pricing plan is $600.00. Our 8 hour pricing plan is $1100.00. If you wish to purchase the 4 hour support plan, please click here. If you wish to purchase the 8 hour support plan, please click here.