Requesting Emergency

In the event of an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.  The best methods of contact are via phone and Redmine. Below you will find an outline of the procedure based on your response.


PHONE NUMBER: 503 667 4564

  1. Call the number listed above and you will be directed to our answering service.
  2. Select Option Two for Emergency Support.
  3. Our on-call staff will be contacted. Please provide:
    1. The name of your company
    2. Your name and title
    3. A brief description of the emergency at hand and how CMD can best assist you
    4. How to get a hold of you (Email/Phone)
  4. Upon retrieval of the message, our on-call staff will update a corresponding ticket and/or create a ticket to notify you that we received your message. If you do not have a customer environment, we will return your call and retrieve further details while briefing you on our Services Agreement.
  5. We will log into your systems and begin investigating the problem.
  6. Communication will be primarily via Redmine, however please be available for us to call you back to discuss details further in an effort to be as efficient as possible and resolve the emergency.
  7. The on-call individual will work with you until the emergency is resolved or until we need your guidance to continue. The resolution will be posted in the ticket and the emergency will be written up in an incident report for our team to review.



    1. Send an email to your Redmine address with details of the emergency and your contact information. Please make sure to set the issue priority to Emergency. Do this by typing “priority: emergency (critical)” or “Priority: Emergency (Critical)” on any new line. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE SPACES.


  • OR Login to your Redmine environment and create a ticket with details regarding your immediate issue. Please make sure to set the ticket status to Emergency.


  1. Setting the issue priority to emergency will initiate our emergency alert system and contact our on-call staff.
  2. Our on-call staff will respond via ticket to address the emergency and begin looking into the problem.
    1. Please remain available for answering questions, phone discussion, and to provide further guidance. This is crucial to us solving the problem.
  3. Please see steps 4-6 above for a summary of our Redmine emergency procedure going forward.



If you are a SLA or Proactive SLA customer, you will not be charged after hours, weekend, or emergency rates. Your normal hourly rate will apply.


For non SLA customers


5:01pm - 11:59pm = 292.50/hour

12:00am - 6:59am = 390.00/hour


Extended Rates



7:00am - 5:00pm = 292.50/hour

5:01 - 6:59am = 390.00/hour


Any Federally Observed Holiday (Excluding Christmas)

7:00am - 5:00pm = 292.50/hour

5:01pm - 11:59pm = 390.00/hour

12:00am - 6:59am = 450.00/hour


Christmas Eve and Christmas

7:00am - 7:00am = 600.00/hour

Emergency rates are applied when a customer (new or existing) requests immediate service. Immediate service is defined as: A technician must immediately stop their current work to service the request. Emergency service rates are calculated at (rate * 1.5) for standard rates and (rate * 2) for extended rates. Command Prompt will always make a reasonable effort to any service request. If you feel that your request can wait one or two hours you can potentially avoid the emergency rate.

*For all emergencies outside the hours of 7am and 5pm PST we charge one hour minimum.


**Command Prompt will not provide support before a Services Agreement is signed.