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Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated Postgres support provider in North America. Since 1997, we have been developing, supporting, deploying and advocating the use of the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database.


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Point In Time Recovery Tools

PITRtools is a Python + PostgreSQL application that assists in the provisioning of Hot Standby, Warm Standby, Cold Standby, Streaming Replication clusters and multiple standbys (slaves). It supports all PostgreSQL versions starting from 9.2.


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Simpycity is an object-relational mapper. It seamlessly maps PostgreSQL query and function result sets to Python classes and class attributes. It allows for the easy and rapid development of query- and stored procedure-based data representations. Simpycity leverages PostgreSQL’s powerful composite type system, and the advanced type handling of the psycopg2 database access library.

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