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PgManage is an GUI administrator for Postgres. It is designed to be intuitive and efficient. It is a replacement for legacy management software such as PgAdmin IV. There are Open Source and Enterprise version.

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For 26 years we have focused on building mutual success with Postgres and Open Source deployments including architecture, consulting, automation and optimization.

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PgManage 1.0b released

Command Prompt is pleased to announce PgManage version 1.0b. This release adds two major features, 3 major bug fixes and over a dozen changes and improvements. PgManage is a Postgres centered multi-database management Open Source project.

New features:

  • Added backup/restore support for PostgreSQL
  • First version of PgManage Handbook was published to

Major Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed .AppImage compatibility issues for newer Linux distributions which do not have libcrypt installed
  • Added logic to terminate stale back-end process if the front-end process crashes
  • Fixed application UI process memory leaks

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Improved …