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Cloud Migration Assessment

Trying to reduce costs by migrating to PostgreSQL on cloud? Not certain where to host? Command Prompt’s team of PostgreSQL experts are available to help with a robust cloud migration assessment. Whether it's a PostgreSQL migration from on-prem to Cloud, or from another source database to PostgreSQL in the Cloud, Command Prompt is here to help!

Our migration assessment focuses on the complete system, not just one component. Where others may focus on only one part of the puzzle, i.e. the database OR the application and only development, our migration experts look at your entire stack and the entire migration lifecycle:

  • Database and application migration
  • Performance considerations
  • Operations and high availability requirements
  • On-going administration and maintenance

What’s in a Command Prompt Cloud Migration Assessment?

  • Review business functionality, availability, and security requirements
  • Identify available extensions to meet functionality requirements
  • Analyze number and complexity of tables, stored procedures, triggers
  • Analyze application code and database objects for syntax and functionality differences between source database and Postgres
  • Identify testing strategies to validate data, code, and application correctness
  • Evaluate deployment options to meet business needs – on-premises vs. GCP/Azure/AWS cloud, high availability configuration, etc.
  • Evaluate data conversion and synchronization process – considering size and complexity of data, available resources, parallel operation, and downtime tradeoffs
  • Identify skills and training needed for maintenance, monitoring, and operations after go-live

What do you get? At the end of the engagement*, you will receive a detailed report with findings, recommended approach, and estimated effort and cost to perform the migration. We will go through the details and answer any questions to ensure you have all the information you require to decide on the next step.

*Length of engagement based on number of systems to be analyzed