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About us

Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated Postgres support provider in North America. Since 1997, we have been developing, supporting, deploying and advocating the use of the World's Most Advanced Open Source Database. We are an Oregon corporation who enjoys the benefits of no outside investors, no debt, and being profitable, since our first day of business in 1997.

Our Promise To You


We only provide services around and for Postgres. It is our technical love and passion. There is no other provider whose priority is Postgres.


At 26 years old, we are the oldest and most experienced Postgres company with a client and team member retention that is second to none.


We have a strong and growing customer base, residing in all current demand markets including FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech and Gaming.


We have a very strong relationship with the People, Postgres, Data community. Providing leadership and critical support services to that community.


As a private corporation, with no outside investors, we are only accountable to our families and our clients. When you call Command Prompt, you are greeted by knowledgeable staff who are trained and have experience with Postgres and the environments that Postgres operates with.

Our Team

Amanda Nystrom


Amanda has been in the open source world for over a decade, with four degrees in communication, psychology, and science. Her role as the Chief Executive Officer has reinforced her passion for serving people, and ensuring the best quality service for clients and her team. She is active in the Postgres community as a co-chair of the international Postgres Conference series, focusing on the mission of People, Postgres, Data. In her life outside of work, she often finds herself traveling in a short bus named Intrepidus. Her favorite hobby is adventuring with her husby and frenchtons.

Ildefonso Camargo


Ildefonso has been in IT-related jobs for over 20 years. He is an Electronics Engineer, having spent all of his university years working in research labs related to computing (from IT to AI). He is originally from Venezuela and now lives in the Sunshine State. He is married, has two children, and a dog named Julieta. Ildefonso’s secret to his success is listening to classical music while he works. He is a musician, with experience in classical and folkloric music, knows how to play the Oboe, the Mandolin, and the Venezuelan "Cuatro." No matter the task thrown at him, he accepts the challenge and finds enjoyment in solving the problem.

Joshua Drake

President & CTO

Joshua D. Drake (JD) is a long standing member of the PostgreSQL Community. He co-authored the original Oreilly book, "Practical PostgreSQL", is a Founder/Director and former President of United States PostgreSQL ( Further he was a Director for Software in the Public Interest for 9 years ( He is Co-Chair of Postgres Conference and helps organize many of the Postgres meetups in North America. An Infrastructure and Full Stack expert, you will benefit from well over 20 years of successful experience in Open Source implementation when working with him.

Andrew Smith

Senior Developer/ DBA

Andrew has been fascinated by robotics and artificial intelligence all his life and spent most of his spare time researching and experimenting, especially in the field of natural language understanding. He has over 30 years experience with database systems and *nix, half of that being PostgreSQL on Linux. He recently moved to Cebu for the challenge and so he could devote even more time to computer programming and research.

Ron Farrer

Sys Admin

Ron has more than three decades of experience with UNIX/*BSD/Linux and is a former Debian Developer. Some of his interests include virtual machines, networking, security, cryptography, programming, distributed and parallel computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and finding new ways to automate mundane tasks. In his spare time, Ron likes to fly drones, find new uses for Raspberry Pi boards, play video and board games, make things with 3D printers, travel, and spend time with his family. Ron was born on his grandfather's birthday and was named after him.

Eugene Dubinin

Senior Developer & Project Lead

Eugene has been in the IT industry for 18 years. He began his career as a Linux system administrator at one of the top ISPs in his area. After five years working as a system administrator he decided to switch to software developing, still keeping his preference for open source software solutions and the UNIX operating systems. Eugene spends his spare time mountain biking, rock climbing, and being adventurous. He is interested in photography and ARM-based single-board computers. A fun fact about Eugene is that he got into programming just because he wanted to write mods to Quake2.

Debra Cerda

Director of Compliance & Client Success

Debra Cerda has spent over twelve years as a business development professional within the water industry and technology sectors. She has been an open data, open source and Postgres advocate for over a decade. Debra is an organizer of the Austin Postgres and other major cities Meetup groups, as well as a co-organizer of the PostgresConf series. She also served as a Director for the US PostgreSQL Association. Her additional volunteer work includes diversity, equity, inclusion and justice initiatives in technology and craft beer. Debra is passionate about film, water, and craft beer – and her Chihuahua mix rescue Maris Otter.

Lindsay Hooper

Creative Director

Lindsay is a seasoned events manager, having launched non-profit galas, organized conferences, and grown international meetups. Born in North Carolina, she graduated from Bucknell University with a double major in art and film. Her career has been trial by fire, planning her first event almost by accident. In her free time, Lindsay serves as the President of the Mouse Associate Board, which empowers students to use technology for good, and is one of the founders of the annual Luxury Party, benefitting women’s shelters across the city. She lives in Astoria, Queens with her partner and two cats, Winnie and Barnaby.

Justin Graf


Justin has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, covering most of the field from installing network wiring, to server hardware, to VOIP systems, to ERP/MRP application deployment to website development. Customization of ERP/MRP application focused on cost accounting methods and inventory control for Manufacturing implemented using PostgreSQL. Hobbies: mountain biking, beer making, organic farming, animal husbandry, and off-grid living.

Tiffany Gustanski

Project Management Assistant

Tiffany has worked in project management, research, and data analysis since 2016. While obtaining her M.B.A., she managed consulting projects for the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department and the Hilton Foundation. After moving to Austin, Tiffany worked in Cloud and SaaS professional services as a data analyst and project manager of implementation and consulting projects. Her hobbies include freelance writing for entertainment sites, following Major League Baseball, and making fiber crafts.

James Campbell

System Administrator / JR DBA

James has over eight years of experience working in higher education as a SysAdmin (and unofficial Postgres DBA), and holds a BS in mathematics and computer science from Clarkson University. He started programming when he was 12, on an Apple IIe. James has used Linux since the early 2000’s, and is a Gentoo enthusiast (yep, one of those). A couple of his interests are cryptography and automation. James lives in Maine with his spouse, five kids, and some number of cats. His hobbies include grumbling about the weather, baking, fixing things, losing to his kids in video games, and playing several musical instruments (poorly).

Zachary Tedder

Junior Engineer

Zak is budding in the technology realm, but fits right in as a perpetual problem solver. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, improvement, and helping others. Zak loves to code and anything open-source, especially Linux. He is passionate about data integrity and using automation to increase productivity and life satisfaction. He holds multiple degrees, including Massage Therapy and Psychology. Zak lives in Oklahoma with his wife, daughter, and a pug named Percy Jackson. Zak enjoys reading board books to his daughter, playing chess, and has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also, he is vegan.

Maria Camargo


Maria is a dual enrollment student who wants to enter into a Mathematics major once she graduates high school. Her interest in computer science started after taking some online courses on web development and Python. She enjoys applying math and graphic design skills into computing and is eager to learn new things. During free time, she enjoys making ink drawings (mostly of her cat, Serenade), baking bread, learning theology, and doing volunteer work.

Greg Dostatni


Greg is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in higher education. Starting as a developer, he worked on software to manage Search and Rescue incidents, urban crowd movement simulations and identifying and cataloging trees from aerial photography. He has a background as a DBA / System Administrator working with Oracle and Postgres in Solaris and Linux. Greg has later transitioned into building and managing applications and services for a large university in Canada. Greg is committed to using technology to solve problems both at home and in professional setting.

Valerii Herman

Python Developer

Valerii is a skilled software developer with over 4 years of experience in the field.Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, ranging from e-commerce platforms to data analysis tools.Having a deep understanding of web development technologies, he is also known for his strong analytical competencies. Valerii is a responsible individual always willing to research things as thoroughly as possible to come up with original ideas. He is a communicative and self-motivated team player ready to take on new challenges and provide top-notch expertise. Outside of work, he enjoys playing chess, reading books, and staying active in the gym.

Dayana Porcari

Executive Assistant

Dayana holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Communication from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. She has seven years of experience in project and communication direction, team oversight, event planning and digital management. Over the past five years, she has also traveled and worked as an English and Spanish interpreter and translator to different parts of Latin America.

Dayana is a highly organized, self-motivated creative. She seeks to learn about new tendencies, tools and apps as well as creating content. She enjoys challenges, seeking references and inspiration and constantly trying new ideas.

Dayana’s hobbies are sports and physical activities including Muay Thai. She is very passionate about volleyball which she currently practices and competes in. But, since balance is important, she also loves to bake and look for new food places in the city.