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Postgres Centered full stack support, consulting & development.

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As the oldest company providing Postgres centered full stack consulting and support we are in a unique position to be able to provide best in class services for your platform.

Professional Services

Optimization Services

Custom Development

Let's face it, sometimes that front-end developer just doesn't have the database chops you need to achieve your business and technical requirements. Let us join your team and show you how Postgres can really shine in your environment.

Project Management

Every project we perform has a dedicated project manager. As a mixed team between the client and the vendor, we can have our project managers help things move smoothly.

Disaster Recovery

Every week we take a call that says, "Uhmmm.... help!" You can call us before or after that need, but we like to be proactive. Let's talk about how to prevent disasters as a whole!

Migration Services

When you want to move to the excellence that is Postgres, we are your source. Whether you want to migrate from Oracle (our favorite), Sybase, Microsoft SQL, MySQL or even upgrade from MongoDB or SQLite. We can also help you migrate your database to the cloud.

Cloud Consulting


The choice when you need a full range of virtualized and bare metal services for increased flexibility, better price per performance unit and a full range of traditional and new model computing services. This option provides content delivery, load balancing, raw bare metal performance, an attractive price point and solid international performance. Now owned by IBM they are part of the IBM cloud and come with the significant backing that provides.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The obvious choice for name recognition, flexibility and dynamic provisioning. Amazon Web Services also offers a wide range of content delivery, load balancing and HA options to insure service availability to clients. If you need assistance it deploying the best range of services for AWS, don't hesitate to contact Command Prompt.

Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Not to be out done by their rivals, Google Compute Engine (GCE) also offers a wide range of cloud based services. Although our clients generally use Softlayer or AWS, GCE offers a solid performance reputation and a geeks geek of services. If you have a need in determining the best route to take for your business, do not hesitate to call or email We have deployed on each of the above services (as well as others) with great success.

Packaged Services

Perfomance Tunning

Catch the 80% of low hanging fruit of your Hardware, OS and Postgres installation configuration.

On Site




High Availability

Maximize up-time with true Highly Availability configurations for Linux and Postgres.

Remote Hands

We provide best practices Remote DBA and Sysadmin services for almost every environment. Just remember, it has to be Postgres centered because every other database wishes it could be this awesome

Oracle Migrations


Full Stack Offerings