Systems/PostgreSQL administrator

Work from home for the only company still operating from the beginning of it all! No Venture Captial, No Debt, No missed paychecks, No B.S. Just honest, consulting and support for the PostgreSQL Centered Stack!

Command Prompt, Inc. is looking for an Intermediate systems/PostgreSQL administrator.

Command Prompt has provided PostgreSQL support, development, and hosting since 1997. We are looking for another person to join our stellar group of PostgreSQL systems experts.

We seek someone who has a deep knowledge of at least one UNIX-like system (preferably Linux), and who knows how to manage heterogeneous systems. You can demonstrate strong skills in systems administration. You have a clear understanding of how to administer several systems that are mostly the same, but that have small local differences. If you do not feel comfortable saying, "I'm not familiar with that in your environment," then reading documentation, and coming back with a test plan for deployment that will reveal problems with your strategy, this is not a job for you.

The ability to imagine, propose, test, and deliver integrated and maintained solutions to users' problems is the key to success in this position. You work well in a team: you don't have to work 24 hours a day, because other people can always log into any system you maintain and know where everything is, how it got there, and how to add new things if they're needed.

You must know PostgreSQL administration, and understand how to set up, operate, and tune Postgres in elementary ways, such as installing from a package manager. You do not have to be a PostgreSQL hacker or guru, but if you are, that is a bonus.

You have systems administration capability with shell scripts, as well as either Perl or Python. As well as understanding (or quick to pick up) technologies such as PgPool, LVM2, LXC, AWS and LVM2.

You have an interest in working on varied projects that use varied (and sometimes legacy) technologies.

Command Prompt is a professional services company. You will be interfacing with customers, therefore customer service and professionalism is key.

Command Prompt employees work from their home offices. The position requires minimal travel. For this position, the successful candidate will be able to communicate effectively in English. English as a spoken second language is fine as long as the written skills are clear and effective.

This is a remote position and does not require residence in the United States.

Applicants should send a resume to Angela Roberson, angela(at)commandprompt(dot)com, with the words "intermediate administrator" in the Subject line. Please include any text by way of a cover letter in the body of your email and not as a separate attachment.