2nd call for papers: PostgreSQL Conference East!

PostgreSQL Conference East is being held at historic Drexel University on April 3rd through 5th 2009 . This is the second call for papers. The call for papers ends Feb 23rd and speakers will be notified on the 27th. You may submit your talk here. We are looking for a wide range of topics. Can you speak on any of the below topics? What about a different topic? As long as it is centered around PostgreSQL we want to hear about it. Hacker topics:
 C Function development
 Writing Procedural Languages
 Creating types
 The planner
 Optimization tips
 Explaining the process model
DBA topics:
 Backing up PostgreSQL
 Understanding and Configuring Autovacuum
 Trigger Happy (how to use triggers)
 PITR -- happiness is a shipped transaction log
 User / Groups / Roles
End User development:
 Web Frameworks with PostgreSQL
   Turbo Gears
  Do you have a successful case study to present? 
  How did you solve a problem with PostgreSQL?
  Do you have an Open Source product that runs on PostgreSQL?
As always we let the presenters drive the feel of the conference. If you have an itch, let's figure out how to scratch it (as long as it is with PostgreSQL). Submit your paper today.