Are hump days, slow days? Wait ... what, No more Gnome for Ubuntu?

There are so many things to consider when working through the week. You never send a Press Release never on Monday or Friday. Scheduling meetings is always a bad idea on Monday. Thursdays always seem to be busy, probably because people want to be lazy on Friday. Monday you never know what is going to happen, you might get slammed or you might be waiting for the next email to come in hoping it is important.

I am now completely off the above topic because I just got this in my email:

Canonical shook the Linux world yesterday when it announced that the next version of Ubuntu -- "Natty Narwhal," or version 11.04 -- will no longer use the GNOME interface by default. Instead, Natty will feature Unity, the multitouch and 3D-enabled interface that made its debut earlier this month in the distribution's netbook edition of Maverick Meerkat, or Ubuntu 10.10.

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I just started using Unity on my notebook. It is quite nice and quite a bit less clunky than default Gnome but... WOW!

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