Do I get to attend a talk?

While at PgEast or PgWest I normally don't attend talks. Usually I am running around checking on rooms, making sure cameras are working or just generally recovering from yet another round of social interaction with everyone that is there. Do not kid yourself, it is exhausting.

This year at West I am hoping to attend a couple of talks. There are a few that are particularly interesting to me. The first is: PostgreSQL and Node.JS. Granted I am biased because it is one of my team members speaking but this is a truly interesting thing that she is working on. The ability to write postgresql driven Javascript applications using node.js is 100% buzzword compliant and useful.

Of course this also coincides with the recent Alpha release of the driver which can be forked or pulled from its github home..

If you are up for it, you could also talk to Aurynn in person about the project either on irc in #postgresql or at PostgreSQL Conference West 2010.