Entering 9 days of PostgreSQL Dimension

On the 6th, I leave town, travelling again to an unknown land. A land of mystery, a land of great mobster movies and incredible picture opportunities. Of course, I speak of Chicago where I will be delivering a 5 day training on our illustrious database, PostgreSQL. After the 5 day training, I will be taking a short jaunt to South East Linux Fest where I will be speaking on PostgreSQL Performance. The PostgreSQL Performance talk has been getting increasingly popular. I attribute the popularity to a couple of things. One, I don't get mired in the academics of performance. It isn't about finding that final Gentoo inspired 2%. It is about solving the 90% problem. What are the meat and potatoes of PostgreSQL performance and provisioning? It seems especially popular with those who don't want to be a DBA but still want to be confident that their installation is doing a above average job of being configured. A lot of database people at this point are going, "Excuse me? Above Average? It must be exacting in its performance profile!". I say bosh. Give me a great performing database that is above average so I can actually be productive chasing squirrels through New York's central park over agonizing over that 2% any day. Here is a tip. If you want that extra 2% and you want it quickly, buy new hardware. Don't spend weeks of man hours trying to find it.