Evisceration: Learning from colorful mistakes

Most people are aware that we use Drupal for the PostgreSQL Conference. We are loud advocates of the platform, because it works -- mostly. In terms of being able to run a conference it is flexible enough to make it quirks bearable. However the one place that Drupal is severely lacking is event/scheduling. What is available is either lacking, broken, or just not yet done. Because of this we have always used Google Calendar to do our scheduling. We have also always gotten grief for it. So this year I tried to put a pretty face on top of Google Calendar.

The change lead to the removal of all of my vital organs except my heart. The community informed me that I was able to keep my heart because they wanted me to feel the sorrow and anguish they felt when they saw the changes I made.

Anyway, thanks to Magnus and a full day of hacking and bashing by myself, we now have a much better front end to the schedule. Now, if you all wouldn't be too shy to register that would be great. Thanks!