Let the jokes begin! PostgreSQL Conference West has changed locations.

About a week ago I announced PostgreSQL Conference West 2010 CFP. In that CFP I also announced the location. A nice place, the Westin at Union Square in San Francisco. We were excited, the hotel was top knotch.

Then on Monday I received notice, the hotel acquisitions team (EDB) has received an amazing counter offer from a competing hotel.

The hotel is still in San Francisco, it is a four star hotel and the rate is much better for attendees (159.00 vs. 199.00). Here is the catch, which if you are reading on Planet you have to wait until after the jump....

The hotel is the Sir. Francis Drake hotel. Yes, A Drake Hotel. Now, it doesn't matter that I didn't pick this hotel. I have already received remarks from one particularly, getting older every day, sailing for the next three weeks Swede. I of course have posted this after he has already left, hopefully the post will be buried beneath 30 other blogs by the time he gets back.

Now let the fun begin. If you have not submitted a paper, get on it. West at all indications is going to be twice as big as East (that puts us over 300).