Loving community, PostgreSQL Conference West gets help

I was very happy about the progress of PostgreSQL Conference West this year. We secured facilities earlier than we ever had before thanks to heroic efforts by Lisa Sandoval of Seattle Central Community College. Communication about the conference has been flowing well. We have a great talk line up. Registrations are on par with last year, even with the economic downturn. And then I got hit with a heavy six month contract that specifically requires my expertise. I am not complaining. The contract is a good one but it did cause me to be unable to do a lot of things all of a sudden. This is why I am loving community. A vacuum presented itself and the community automatically stepped up to fill the void. I am not organizing an after-party. Gabrielle stepped in. For good measure, Selena backed her up. Then, EnterpriseDB being the great community member they are asked if they could help. I would also like to thank Kevin Kempter and Brent Friedman for their continued persistence in helping me get things done. Of course let's not forget all the speakers who have stepped up to give us such a great round of content.