MongoDB at PgEast.... say what?

I was surprised at first too but I have been talking to quite a few community members for MongoDB and due to the positive responses, PostgreSQL Conference East is going to be host to the excellent MongoDB community.

JD, Why would you do this? Why do we care? We are relational, they -- well I don't know what they are.

One of the goals of The PostgreSQL Conference Series is the expand the knowledge of the community and to extend a hand to secondary communities, inviting them learn, collaborate and drink with us. By inviting MongoDB, we are doing exactly that. It is my sincerest hope that we can get a lot of the MongoDB users to better understand our ways, as cranky and old-school as they may be and in return, we will learn some of their ways, perhaps making PostgreSQL even better.

Consider, what if our upcoming SQL/MED support in 9.1 had a foreign data wrapper that was optimized for MongoDB?

Remember folks, CFP is still open

And of course, many thanks to the PostgreSQL Conference Sponsors: