Our company, EnterpriseDB, is the commercial company that brings to market the open source Postgres database., Ed Boyajian.

I tend to spend a lot of my time reviewing what is going on in the wider PostgreSQL ecosystem. Over the past few months I have been increasingly intriqued at a overriding theme that is starting to emerge in the market. That "EnterpriseDB" is "The PostgreSQL Company". This isn't about taglines but actual perception in the market.

I was speaking with an individual from 10Gen (#PgEast Gold Sponsor and creator of MongoDB). This individual asked me to lay out the history of PostgreSQL, how did it operate (community) etc... While discussing this, the individual asked me a question, "So, do you work for EnterpriseDB?". Luckily I wasn't drinking anything at the time otherwise I would have needed a new monitor.

Today, I came across this interview with Ed of EnterpriseDB (#PgEast Platinum Sponsor), where Ed states, "Sure. Our company, EnterpriseDB, is the commercial company that brings to market the open source Postgres database.".

I must applaud EnterpriseDB's marketing prowess. They are obviously starting to penetrate the minds of the ignorant and create a thin veneer of false-reality that is truly remarkable (no sarcasm). When you have been in this community as long as I have, and have seen how EnterpriseDB went from, "Who?" in 2004, to "JD works for them" in 2011, that is a testament to some heavy marketing lifting.

I don't have any problem with EDB. They are a truly great community contributor but I do think it is important for everyone to remember that while EDB is the elephant in the room (no pun intended), there are hunters who have been around a lot longer. Credativ, 2ndQuadrant, Agliodbs, and yes Command Prompt are who I would argue are actually bringing Postgres to market. We are doing so by providing the professional services, custom development, training, advocacy and many thousands of hours of volunteer time that is what makes up PostgreSQL.

Of course, we all know who the real "PostgreSQL Company" is:


David Fetter ()
David Fetter Consulting
2500B Magnolia Street
Oakland, CA 94607-2410

Domain Name: thepostgresqlcompany.com
Disclaimer, if I didn't list your company don't take it personally. I am just going with who was off the top of my head.