PDXPGDay 2014

I had the honor of being asked to give the introduction at PDXPGDay 2014 this past Saturday. I didn't speak very long but it was great to see a lot of the old stomping ground. It had been quite some time since I had been in the group of Wheeler, Roth, Wong, Berkus and a few others.

The conference was really a mini-conference but it was great. It was held in the exact same room that PostgreSQL Conference West was held all the way back in 2007. It is hard to believe that was so long ago. I will say it was absolutely awesome that PDX still has the exact same vibe and presentation! (Read: I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt).

Some items of note: Somebody was peverse enough to write a FUSE driver for PostgreSQL and it was even bi-directional. This means that PostgreSQL gets mounted as a filesystem and you can even use Joe (or yes VIM) to edit values and it saves them back to the table.

Not nearly enough of the audience was aware of PGXN. This was a shock to me and illustrates a need for better documentation and visibility through .Org.

The success of this PgDay continues to illustrate that other PUGS should be looking at doing the same, perhaps annually!

Thanks again Gab and Mark for entrusting me with introducing your conference!