Pg Conference East 09, Registration open

This year is shaping up to be an even larger even than last year with 3 days, four rooms, and multiple tracks. East runs from April 3rd to April 5th at Drexel University. To register please point your Open Source web browser to PgUS. Registration is free for Students and Professors and starts at as low as 40.00 for University staff. Once you have registered make sure to visit and subscribe to the attendees list. The attendees list is the way to find out about all the goings on of the conference. Here is a sampling of the content to be presented at this years East:
An Introduction to the Pylons Web Application Framework
Architecting Your PostgreSQL Application for the Cloud
Grails In Practice
Building A Collaborative Environment With PostgreSQL To Enhance
The Learning Experience
PostgreSQL Backup/Recovery and Replication
Replication using PostgreSQL Replicator
Reconciling and comparing databases using schemas, DBI-Link and Slony
Introduction to Golconde
Configuring a Warm Standby, the Easy Way
Predicting Postgres Performance: Practical Queueing Theory for Postgres DBAs
pgcrypto benchmarking
The Art of Indexes
Effects of Flash and SSDs on PostgreSQL
Using and Abusing pgbench
Column-Level Privileges, and other changes coming in 8.4
Trees and More in PostgreSQL: Common Table Expressions
Windowing Functions: Putting the TPS in TPS Reports
No More Waiting, A guide to PostgreSQL 8.4
Usage, Development Newbie and Administration
The power of psql
Playing with Playr: The Postgres Application Testing Tool
Postgresql and Java
Converting your database and application from Sybase/MSSQL to PostgreSQL
ERP built by Postgres: We don't need no stinkin toolkit!
PostgreSQL and Temporal Data
Database Development Policies
Monitoring Postgres with
More Than Storage: Intro to PL/pgSQL
Socially Relevant Database Projects in the Undergraduate Classroom