Pg Conference: Videos up! (well some of them anyway)

Last March at PostgreSQL Conference: East we video taped almost all the talks. It has taken some time to get them up and we are still encoding (and learning the tricks of the trade) but we do have a few up now that people may enjoy.
  • Deploying PostgreSQL on Windows
  • The magic of MVCC
  • PostgreSQL Interprocess Coordination and Communication
  • PostgreSQL Logic and Databases
You can find them at the newly designed PostgreSQL Conference website. Just click on the East 2008 link under previous events. You will have to scroll down (or just ctrl-f Video) because I haven't had time to figure out how to handle collapsible DIV with drupal yet. In all, with the new web site I think that life is going to become much easier in managing the conference series. These videos will also help continue one of the mission points of the conference, Education.