Pg Conference West: Lightning talks!

While recently seeking feedback on the conference schedule from Josh Berkus and David Fetter I was asked, "Are there going to be lightning talks?". To which I replied, "What?". I know of lightning talks; in a similar manner of how I know of the existence of competitors to PostgreSQL. They are there in the background fog of consciousness while posing no perceivable threat but still trying to maintain their significance. The threat here of course is that West won't have lightning talks. So let's solve that threat now! Enter the call for lightning talks. Lightning talks are 5 minute, micro talks on any topic of any regard as long as it is somehow related to PostgreSQL (Pythoners I am calling to you). If you have something you are willing to stand in front of people for no more than 5 minutes (or you will be gonged) and talk about this is your chance.