#PgEast update, trainings, roundtables and NYC -- Oh my

I arrived at the New Yorker yesterday to find that it was an excellent choice for our attendees to sleep. In the last couple of years they have renovated all the rooms and the hotel is quite nice. I have a double and will be here the next 12 days, yes that means I will be here on St. Patrick's day. For all those PostgreSQL Peeps that have never been to NYC, the bars are open till 4AM (although I was long asleep by then).

Mastering PostgreSQL Administration and Surviving Server Overload are both registering at record pace (in fact if you want to take these classes you better register now). The Pro PostgreSQL and Streaming replication classes are also doing respectably. All four of these classes are being given by well know PostgreSQL Contributors, Bruce Momjian, Greg Smith, Robert Treat and Magnus Hagander respectively.

We have also announced a round table at East specifically geared toward a very real problem in the current market, Databases in the Cloud. I am looking forward to this round table as it features and eclectic mix of expert practitioners from Cirrus, to 10Gen, Heroku and Open Hosting.

When we decided to change the training format for #PgEast we weren't sure what to expect. We have done a few trainings in the past, specifically at the last #PgEast and they were reasonably successful. We took a shot this year and pushed the envelope on the number of trainings we were going to provide and with all risks there are some possibilities that not all things will work out. Thus, due to low registration for the class, Django. Although the Rails class is doing just fine. While considering why the registration was low, I don't think it was that it was Django. I think that it was a general Django + PostgreSQL class. If the class has been something like, Scaling your application with Django + PostgreSQL it would have been more attractive.