PgWest 2010: 8 Days and counting

I can't believe how far we have come from a single day, Saturday "PgDay" in 2007 to a full blown three day conference in the middle of the week. Twice a year, every year we have grown, adding content, reaching out to users, bringing the entire ecosystem together. The PgWest and PgEast conferences have grown to comprise the largest PostgreSQL conferences, anywhere.

Now that West is upon us in just a short while, I am beginning to think about East. What can we do for East to make it even larger? Another 50% attendance would be a huge win. I do know that East will be a 4 day conference, with full day trainings the first day. I am considering pushing the tutorials to the last day, so the two days in the middle would be sessions. Anyway, now is the time to register for West if you haven't yet.