PostgreSQL Conference / PgCon.US update

In an attempt to ensure the continued positive growth of the community, PostgreSQL Conference, U.S. is going to change its current policy toward the domain PgCon.US. The current policy is that the domain would only be used in lieu of when space was significantly to display the long URL was significantly limited. The new policy will be that PgCon.US will not be used. I would encourage any and all other communities making use of the PgCon name to change their branding as well. In an effort to help any communities who have invested resources in using the PgCon name, PostgreSQL Conference will offer sub domain pointing (and hosting if required) to their conference sites. As an example, the Brazilian community is using the brand PgCon Brazil with the URL: . At the Brazilian's request PostgreSQL Conference would configure: If you are a community looking for such help, please don't hesitate to ask. It is my hope that this will put an end to the PgCon debate.