PostgreSQL Conference: West 07, two videos added

As I was working on PostgreSQL Conference this weekend I happen to crawl under my desk to pick up a pin I dropped. As I was crawling back out I smacked my head on the top of the desk and in the process jostled an empty (black) computer case that was sitting there. I noticed something on top of the case so I took a long hard look and behold! It was the Western Digital USB drive the West 07 videos were on. Now most of you wouldn't think that was a big deal except that I completely forgot we did video for West 07 and two, I thought that hard drive was long lost to the computer parts gods. I plugged it in and viola! We have videos. Of course the first thing I did was rsync them all off so we have a backup. I then formatted it because it was using HFS and that is just unacceptable. Anyway, the first two videos I pulled from the vault were:
  • Stupid Solaris tricks : Josh Berkus
  • Ruby on Rails Essentials for PostgreSQL Enthusiasts | David Wheeler
They can both be found at