PostgreSQL is King! Last week was quite busy being a servant.

Last week was one of the busiest community weeks I have had in a long time. It started with an excellent time in Vancouver, B.C. giving my presentation, "An evening with PostgreSQL!" at VanLUG. These are a great group of people. They took all my jibes with good humor (Canadians gave us Maple Syrup, we gave them Fox News) and we enjoyed not only technical discussion but discussions on technology in general. It is still amazing to me how many people don't realize that Linux 3.2 - 3.8 is a dead end for random IO performance.

After VanLUG I spent the next morning at the Vancouver Aquarium with my ladies. Nothing like beautiful weather, dolphins and jelly fish to brighten the week. Once back in Bellingham, we moved on to a WhatcomPUG meeting where I presented, "Practical PostgreSQL: AWS Edition". It was the inaugural meeting but was attended by more than just the founders which is a great start!

I got to rest from community work on Wednesday and instead dug my head into some performance problems on a client High Availability Cluster. It is amazing that even with proper provisioning how much faster ASYNC rep is over SYNC rep. Some detailed diagnosis and proving data demonstrated, we switched to ASYNC rep and all critical problems were resolved.

On Thursday it was off to Southern California Linux Expo where I presented, "Suck it! Webscale is dead; long live PostgreSQL!". The room was packed, people laughed and for those who might have been offended, I warned you. Your offense is your problem. Look inside yourself for your insecurities! All my talks are PG-13 and it is rare that I will shy away from any topic. My disclosure aside, I had two favorite moments:

  1. When someone was willing to admit they hadn't seen Terminator. I doubt that person will ever raise his hand to one of my questions again.
  2. When Berkus (who knew the real answer) suggested it was Elton John that wrote the lyrics at the end of the presentation.

After I spent the evening with JimmyM (BigJim, my brother), Joe Conway of SDPUG/Credativ , Jim Nasby of the fledgling bird that is Blue Treble and the very enjoyable, I don't remember her name but she works at Enova (a well known PostgreSQL installation). Flying out the next morning at 8am probably should have been avoided though.

I am glad to be on the ground for the next few weeks before I head off to PgConf.US. It is looking like this conference is once again prove why PostgreSQL is King! Bring your people from all the lands, you are about to enter utopia.