PostgreSQL Training

Command Prompt has offered training since we began as a one man shop back in 1997. It has always been, "by request". Since that time a lot of things have changed and we are regularly receiving training requests from multiple companies. We have decided to finally bring our training into the light and make it a forefront of the services that CMD offers. Interestingly we are going to be providing a lot of ad-hoc, webcast style training (as well as traditional on site or classroom). The number one training we are asked for is something that is half day that covers a specific topic such as backup and restore or configuring Point in Time Recovery. These types of courses will be cost effective for even small establishments and will be held over the Internet. We will also be participating in the open curriculum community ensuring that most if not all of our curriculum is freely available for self starters. What other training provider is going to do that? Here is our current list of pre-defined courses. We will be adding a dozen or so more in the next 90 days.