PostgreSQL vs MySQL @ Oracle NYC Head Quarters NYC (my brain just broke)

In my quest to insure an incredible turnout for PostgreSQL Conference, I contacted the MySQL meetup group in NYC. Of course my reasons were simple, I want MySQL people to show up and see the value of PostgreSQL. However, I learned a couple of new things.

I have seen Ed speak on occasion at East and West. He has some interesting (if not so technical points) he makes in the video. I will let you folks analyze it for your own edification. One thing I didn't know was Ed's relationship to the failed Red Hat Database initiative (which makes sense, not the failure but why he is involved in PostgreSQL). The failure of Red Hat Database was simple, they were trying to charge 1995.00 (or was it 2995.00?) for PostgreSQL 7.1. Red Hat Database was based on PostgreSQL and essentially caused the death of Great Bridge (yeah..... how many of you have been around long enough to remember that?). Great Bridge once employed Tom Lane and Bruce Momjian. Red Hat now employs Tom Lane and EnterpriseDB now employs Bruce Momjian. Wrap your heads around that chaos theory.

Of course The PostgreSQL Company has been around longer than any of the other "initiatives" and remains independent, debt and V.C. free. Is this a great time to be alive or what? Let's rock!