Reflecting on the great community discussion

As I diligently prepare for PostgreSQL Conference East 09 by trying to ensure that we have enough talks (hint: talk submission closes Feb 27th). We have a suggested hotel and that everyone knows it is going on (including the Groovy, Python, MySQL, PHP and Ruby communities), I take heart in knowing that our community PostgreSQL can have a well thought out, pointed and productive discussion like no other. I was thinking what other great and historical discussions have we had?
  • Vi vs. Emacs? (answer: joe)
  • cvs vs. git vs. svn (answer: svn)
  • python versus perl (answer: Python)
  • C vs C++ (answer: C, but only because I have had patches accepted)
  • fbsd vs linux (answer: my nick is linupoet, you guess)
  • Red versus Blue (answer: They both suck)
  • Any that I missed?