Remembering our roots

Once upon a time, JD was a assistant manager for Block Buster video. This was a very long time ago and before a 23 month employment stint at Powells Books. It was at Powells that the world of computers was actually introduced to me as a viable employment option. While there I designed a special order database in DBase IV, was introduced to University Ingres, went through Book Buyer training, became a Novell Netware Administrator, and began a side business selling pre-built computers and parts. I also pretended to go to college and generally just had zero clue about life. I still don't have much of a clue about life.

Why does this matter? It doesn't really. I am just rambling because my sister asked me today something that surprised me, "What is UNIX?". I had to just kind of stare at the screen for a moment. Of course she asked me this as she was happily proclaiming that she received an iPhone for her birthday. How far we have come.

I explained what UNIX was, the basic history, it's involvement in the Internet and it occurred to me that for me, there was one very specific point in life that my professional world went from, "huh.... give me my 7.50/hr" to, "Hey, I can actually become educated in something useful.". It was the mental absorption of this book.

That book, allowed me to learn Unix, which allowed me to learn Linux (back when SLS was king), which brought me to Postgres95, which brought me to PostgreSQL, which brought me to co-writing this book, which lead me to be a major contributor to PostgreSQL not only through my work with the Fundraising group (via SPI)but also . I would also bring up the conferences but those are already mentioned today.

While waxing nostalgia I am reminded of a recent blog post by Bruce Momjian where he mentions, "Postgres adoption is probably five years behind Linux's adoption.". I would agree with him, and would add that a lot of it is directly contributed to our development model. Many in the community have argued for years that time based releases of PostgreSQL would help development, many others... have argued for years that this is a bad idea. Many of those opponents of time based releasing, and one very influential one at that (TGL) are now starting to come around. More on that later, I have work to do!