Seven things

Theo Schlossnagle recently wrote a blog post called seven things. The idea is, seven things that you "might" want to know about him. Along those lines he listed me as someone he would like to know seven things about. It has taken me a while to get to the post because I have been busy with various things. So here we go, seven things about me.
  • I have crashed a car at 135MPH and walked away.
  • I did not finish High School.
  • I am a master gardener.
  • I am an entrepreneur not a computer geek.
  • I think the Open Source community needs to learn when to be quiet.
  • I hate it when people think I should care about x.
  • I spent two recent years being someone, I am not. This problem has been resolved.
The second part of this blog is I am supposed to list seven people I would like to know seven things about. This has struck me as more difficult than I imagined. Most of the people I want to know about, don't blog and barely email. Many other people don't interest me. Here we go: