Speaking at PDXDjango Tonight on PostgreSQL Performance

I have the unexpected pleasure of speaking at PDXDjango tonight on PostgreSQL performance. Their meetings are 90 minutes with about 60 minutes (in theory) for the main speaker. The talk I am giving is a quick introduction to PostgreSQL Performance. The description I gave to the group was:
  • I am a Django developer not a DBA.
  • I know nothing about PostgreSQL performance.
  • What 10 things (it will be more) can I change to make PostgreSQL faster?
I am being as thorough as possible based on the time constraints and explaining what each option is and how it works. I didn't want to just say, "Change it to 10". If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and let me know all the things I say that are wrong. The meeting starts at 7:00PM.
1227 NW Davis St
Portland, Oregon
(At the corner of NW Davis & NW 12th).