The hash code is: #PgEast (want 30% off?)

It is 21 days to PostgreSQL Conference East (#PgEast), which is set once again to break attendance records of all the western world conferences. Hosted in NYC, we have large number of sessions, over 60 speakers, a full day of trainings, an excellent NYCPug meeting at the event, and an excessive number of sponsors (nahh... we need 3x more, sponsors ROCK!). I am truly humbled at the amazing level of positive response we have received for hosting PgEast in NYC. CMD and the conference has had so much support from the community we are considering making NYC a permanent home for #PgEast.

I have been going over the list of talks wondering which I am going to visit or possibly even record. We definitely will not be recording them all this time. Here are a couple (outside of the Foursquare talk that I want to see:

Theo Schlossnagle is giving the Streaming databases talk. Theo is always a speaker to attend. He explores interesting topics and as I have no professional experience with Streaming databases, I am excited to see what he has to offer.

.Org core member Peter Eisentraut is giving the PL/Proxy talk. I gave a talk on Pl/Proxy at West 2007. I am excited to see how far PL/Proxy has come in the last 3.5 years.

Of course thank you to all of our sponsors:

  • EnterpriseDB
  • 10Gen
  • Braintree
  • Continuent
  • Credativ
  • EnovaFinancial
  • OpenSCG
  • 2ndQuadrant
  • OmniTI
  • OpenHosting
  • SQL Manager

    Now, if you read all the way do to the bottom of this post, the first 25 people that register with the coupon code 21DAYSALE will receive 30% off the registration to #PgEast .