URI connection strings, PgNext CFP and other generalities (FKlocks)

Our team has been hard at work on several things. One is the URI patch for libpq which was just committed and sponsored by Heroku (Thanks Heroku). This is a novel patch that brings standard URI connection handling to libpq and any client/driver that decides to implement the functionality. You can see the patch here.

We are still actively working on PgNext: The Next PostgreSQL Conference. The folks on the organizing team have been an invaluable resource at helping us determine the direction of the conference. We have also been receiving a lot of emails thanking us for the selection of Denver as the location, many of them from new attendees. If you haven't submitted a talk yet, now is the time!

The FKLocks patch was unfortunately pushed to 9.3 due to some outstanding issues not the least of which was a performance regression under normal FK use. This is a large patch that team member Alvaro Herrera has been working on for a very long time. It is a patch that has the potential to greatly increase the performance of foreign keys. It has been a lesson in patience, evaluation of sponsored work (it was partially, and only partially sponsored), and resource allocation. Hopefully we can be done with this soon.