West wrap up and some videos

I am back home and done recovering from Pg West 2009. I can now provide some closing thoughts. I think the conference as a whole went very well. This is the first time we did a zero swag conference and the majority of people didn't seem to mind. SWAG is probably the single largest contributor to time spent organizing a conference (in a single block). By not having swag has allowed the team is able to organize the conference from a single Rubbermaid. We had some scheduling snafus, mostly based around two different versions of the schedule being printed (my bad) and a certain speaker (yeah you Robert Hodges;)) not following the speakers list. In all though these were minor and the attendees took it all in stride. It was great. The Keynote was fun. I wrote the talk late, just finishing right before walking into the room. While writing the talk I was chatting with Big Jim (Jimbo from EDB). He made it a point to request special treatment for the EDB boss from Red Hat. You can get his name from the slides. When the video is up, you will see the particular ribbing that was provided. It was all in good fun of course and EDB was a great partner in the festivities. This time around I purchased SDHC based cameras which has enabled me to already start getting videos up. In fact the only thing stopping me from having them all up is that I have a quota on the account. You can check here for videos and slides that we currently have up. One thing that didn't happen was a closing session and I did hear some grumbling about that. I want to apologize to the attendees that wanted one. It is a good idea to have that and we didn't. In closing, I am glad it is over. I am glad I muscled through it (I strongly considered not having West this year). I am most glad that I focused on family during the after hours versus going to the various parties. No offense to the speakers or attendees. It is just what I needed this time around. We are already starting to talk about East as well as a Denver or Austin. Stay tuned!