WhatcomPUG meeting last night on: sqitch and... bitcoin friends were made!

Last night I attended the second WhatcomPUG. This meeting was about Sqitch, a interesting database revision control mechanism. The system is written in Perl and was developed by David Wheeler of PgTap fame. It looks and feels like git. As it is written in Perl it definitely has too many options. That said, what we were shown works, works well and appears to be a solid and thorough system for the job.

I also met a couple of people from CoinBeyond. They are a point-of-sale software vendor that specializes in letting "regular" people (read: not I or likely the people reading this blog) use Bitcoin!

That's right folks, the hottest young currency in the market today is using the hottest middle aged technology for their database, PostgreSQL. It was great to see that they are also located in Whatcom County. The longer I am here, the more I am convinced that Whatcom County (and especially Bellingham) is a quiet tech center working on profitable ventures without the noise of places like Silicon Valley. I just keep running into people doing interesting things with technology.

Oh, for reference:

  • Twitter: @coinbeyond
  • Facebook: CoinBeyond
  • LinkedIn: Linkedin