WhatcomPUG meeting on 04/21. Start date, end date, calculate

The PUG meeting was good. We now have a consistent if small group that are attending. Before the presentation we spoke about possibly moving the group to meetup to get a little better visibility. G+ Communities are awesome but Meetup seems to be where the people in the area look.

The presentation was provided by Eric Worden who happens to be a CMD employee. The talk overall is very good and provided a lot of information that I didn't know about dates. It also lead to the development of a new PostgreSQL extension (more on that at a later time).

The most interesting part of the talk to me was the use of a dimensions table to make date queries much, much faster. Either he or I will be submitting a blog post on that feature alone.

If you are interested in seeing what he has to say you can visit us at the Whatcom PgDay being hosted at LinuxFestNorthwest this weekend!