Command Prompt has been providing on-demand training since 1997 and unlike most training providers Command Prompt can cater the training to your specific business requirements. Do you only need a short course on backup and recovery? What about a five day course on overall PostgreSQL Administration or perhaps you would like an 8 hour interactive on-line course on configuring Point in Time Recovery? Whatever your PostgreSQL Training needs are. We can help.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you would like to know more about our training.

Pre-Developed Courses

  • Introduction to Relational Databases and PostgreSQL - (4 Days) Onsite this is a four day class. It starts with the basics of the PostgreSQL architecture (MVCC, ACID etc..), moves into proper normalization, creation of objects (tables,functions), using views, functions and SQL.
  • Implementing Databases with PostgreSQL - (3 Days) This is a classroom course covering deployment of PostgreSQL in your enterprise, Our Implementing Databases with PostgreSQL course teaches developers the ins and outs of developing and implementing well-designed databases using PostgreSQL. This course focuses on educating DBAs how to design and implement enterprise class PostgreSQL installations. We cover topics such as good database design, design philosophy, normalization, and index management.
  • Mastering PITR with PITRTools - (2 Hours) A great electronically delivered course that walks a DBA through the entire process of configuring a warm standby with PostgreSQL using PITR Tools.
  • PostgreSQL Administration - (2 Days) This 2 day course is on-site but can be taught via electronic delivery. This is not as in depth as the 5 day course. It covers the need to know, such as maintenance, backups and role security.
  • PostgreSQL Administration - (5 Days with Lab) The course covers a broad range of PostgreSQL Administration topics. Attendees of this course will learn how to administer and performance tune a PostgreSQL, leverage useful modules, such as connection pooling, full text searching, and replication.
  • PostgreSQL for Developers - (3 days)
  • PostgreSQL Performance Tuning - (3 days)
  • PostgreSQL for Managers - (1 day) A one day course for Managers. The course covers a wide list of topics including licensing, tools, compatibility and features.
  • The PostgreSQL.Conf - (4 hours) A four hour electronic delivery on tuning the PostgreSQL.conf. Full discussion of the most important parameters to modify for your environment are covered.
  • Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL Replicator - (4 hours) A four hour electronic delivery course on installing, configuring and deploying PostgreSQL Replicator.