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Postgres Support

Why Command Prompt for Postgres Support

For 26 years, Command Prompt has been providing best in class Postgres Support and Professional Services. In fact, we have been supporting Postgres based technologies (Postgres95) since before the project existed. We have a deep bench of Postgres expertise and were founded by JD, the Founder of United States PostgreSQL and Postgres Conference. There is no other company that provides the breadth and depth of expertise for PostgreSQL. Our team of experts is specifically versed in multiple technologies to insure that your enterprise is successful with PostgreSQL. A full stack firm, we can also assist in complimentary technologies for use with PostgreSQL. You can read more about Command Prompt here.

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What Postgres versions does Command Prompt Support?

  • We provide Postgres Support for any platform including (but not limited to):
      • Open Source PostgreSQL
      • EnterpriseDB Postgres Advanced Server
      • AWS RDS PostgreSQL
      • AWS Aurora for PostgreSQL
      • Azure for PostgreSQL
      • Google Cloud Postgres
      • Google AlloyDb
      • PgEdge Distributed Postgres

What about End of Life or Extended support?

Command Prompt is the only mature and stable firm that provides End of Life or Extended support for any version of PostgreSQL. We provide support for up to 8 years from original release date and 3 years after EOL.

Why trust Command Prompt for your Postgres success?

When you deploy a critical technology into your company, you want that technology to be backed by a stable, profitable and transparent company. So here are the facts: There is not a single dedicated PostgreSQL company in North America that is not a startup, funded by Venture Capital or owned by people who don't work for the success of Postgres or your company. Command Prompt is the only company in that space.

Command Prompt profile:

  • Profitable for 24 years
  • Zero Debt
  • Cash Based
  • No Venture Capital
  • Employee Majority Owned

Contact us today and find a refreshing experience working with a company that partners with your for your success with Postgres.