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Extended support for: AWS RDS, AWS Aurora, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure

Command Prompt is one of the original PostgreSQL companies and at 26 years of providing service it is hard to argue with out model. We are a zero debt, zero V.C. company with a client retention that is second to none. If you want to reduce overall costs, break free from forced upgrades or just no longer want to be confined to features that are dictated to you, Command Prompt is your next Postgres support company. At 26 years old and the oldest PostgreSQL company in North America, we understand that some enterprises, no matter their size want to have predictable upgrades, migrations and performance from their database installation. We also understand that not everyone can upgrade their infrastructure at "cloud speed". Why Command Prompt for Postgres Support.

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Pros of Extended support for cloud

  • No forced upgrades within the extended life cycle allowing for up to 3 additional years of 24x7 production support for your deployment platform
  • You can stay with your current cloud provider
  • 24x7x365 access to our support engineers
  • Command Prompt can support your U.S. only staff requirements
  • Extended support may save you money over forced upgrades

Cons of Extended support for cloud

  • New and useful features may not be available for your deployment
  • Only available for a total of 3 years from original EOL date
  • Only annual extended support contracts available

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