PGXN: Are you a benefactor?

O.k. so I have been pushing on everyone I know to support PGXN. Command Prompt, (you know, us) hadn't bothered to donate. Mainly we hadn't donated because we wanted to be a founding sponsor but just didn't have the budget for it, with the whole PostgreSQL Conference thing going on.

Today, we put our money where our rather obnoxious mouth is and became a benefactor (at the tune of 1k). So with that, step up people. Don't you want to be able to do this:

pgxn --install py-postgresql
Instead of downloading, compiling, finding missing dependencies, screwing around for an hour doing nothing but swearing at the fact that you don't have what you need to use Python + PostgreSQL? No. You don't want to do that. You want to donate to PGXN, so you don't have to.